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Elementary schools (ages 6 to 12)

[divider] Discovery (ages 5 to 12) [/divider]

Lasts 3 hours if held at CIMBAD or 2.5 hours at your school/centre. Following an interactive demonstration by our seasoned activity leaders, the children create an imaginary character and bring it to life by making their very own giant puppet as part of a team. They are provided with a selection of eyes, mouths, costumes and props.

After presenting their whimsical character to the rest of the group, the children play games to learn how to work together to manipulate their puppet. This introduces them to the concept of teamwork. They then animate their character in a playful choreography accompanied by music and narration. The activity ends off with each student being awarded a puppeteer’s apprentice certificate and a tour of the workshops, backstage area and performance hall.

[divider] Creation (ages 10 to 12) (length : 4-5 hours) [/divider]

This activity includes all of the elements of the Discovery activity, but also offers students a hands-on experience in the world of puppetry. After being divided into teams, the children go through every step involved in putting together a show: making a giant puppet, writing a script, rehearsing and performing for the group.

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This program qualifies for a grant from the Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport (MELS).