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In October 2006, the Cirque du Soleil mandated Richard Blackburn, chief executive officer and artistic director at TDC, as the author for Wintuk, a family performance presented at New York’s Madison Square Garden. Brought to life in less than a year, this grand production turned out to be a glorious challenge.

The show was an opportunity for the TDC’s production shops to prove there great expertise in oversized puppetry, while meeting very rigorous requirements. The puppeteers behind Wintuk were also hand-picked and trained by the TDC.

This magnificent work of entertainment is now taken on entirely by the Cirque du Soleil, allowing the artists at TDC to devote their skills to new productions in Québec and around the world.

    Détails sur le spectacle

  • Spectacle du Cirque du Soleil
  • Année de présentation : 2007
  • Dialogue - Auteur : Richard Blackburn
  • Scénarisation - Auteur :
  • Direction artistique : Richard Blackburn
  • Direction de production : René Charbonneau