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Upton’s shows

Outdoor theatre

TDC has developed a one-of-a-kind concept in North America for performing its shows in Upton: an outdoor theatre with swiveling seats that allows the audience to follow 360-degree action, where each backrest is equipped with heated shoulder straps to keep the spectators warm.

A 50-foot-high canopy

The theatre space is also protected by an immense 50-foot-high canopy roof to guarantee performances in case of rain, as well as accommodate the various technical riggings for both circus and aerial puppets.


“…a spellbinding mesh of theatrical wizardy… a sheer marvel…”
– The Globe and Mail

“The work of Dame de Coeur is pure theatrical magic.”
– Montreal Mirror

“…a delightful and very unique experience rich with unexpected surprises.”
– The Record

“…one of Quebec’s unique artistic treasures and one of its best kept secrets.”
– The Gazette

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