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Research and innovation

TDC’s research in the field of oversized scenic arts (i.e. working in unconventional performance settings, such as arenas, parks, streets or even on water…) has led it to develop its own techniques:

  • Harness techniques to achieve human movement with large puppets or huge tableaux such as moving frescoes;
  • Puppeteering techniques for oversized puppets with complex mechanisms that can be mounted on a lift truck or a truck with an articulated hydraulic arm;
  • Aerial puppeteering techniques based on circus technology;
  • Integrated audiovisual components inside puppets;
  • Computer-controlled puppet-display screens;
  • 360 degree sound spatialization;
  • Techniques for making large puppets out of inflatable material, with or without an outer skin, designed like fluffy, textured down comforters supported on aluminum frames;
  • Use of a wide variety of puppet-making materials (wood, steel, aluminum, fiberglass, foam, latex, etc.);
  • TDC’s accomplishments include puppets measuring up to 35 feet tall and 49 feet wide, with articulated limbs and features (eyes, mouth, arms, torso…).