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Details on the show

The performance is a family event suitable for all age groups.

At what age can children enjoy the show?

The TDC welcomes children of all ages, and it is the parents’ responsibility to determine their level of comprehension. Young ones are always fascinated by the visual components and oversized puppetry, and they often interpret their own version of the story.

CIMBAD interactive tour before the show 

For optimal special effects, the show must be presented after nightfall. Families are invited to visit the Centre d’interprétation des Marionnettes Baroques Desjardins (CIMBAD) beforehand and enjoy a 20 minute presentation free of cost (towards 6 pm). The giant puppets on display are sure to amaze children and adults alike.

Cozy picnic or seasonal feast?

The restaurant Le Vieux Moulin offers three different menus inspired by local and seasonal produce. Reservations begin at 5 pm. Take advantage of our dinner and show package, or take it easy out on our terrace overlooking the Blanche river.

Picnic tables are also strewn across the theatre property for easy and enjoyable bucolic dinners while the kids spend some energy outdoors before the show.

Hearth fires

Relax around one of our many fireplaces in the manor gardens during the 20 minute intermission.

Additional information

  • The Skunk Prophecy is a giant puppet performance suitable for all. The show lasts 1h30 including a 20 minute intermission.
  • The stage is set up outdoors and seats 522 people.
  • A huge roof insures representations in the event of rain.
  • The pivoting seats allow you to follow the action wherever it’s happening, and the heating straps keep you warm throughout the performance.
  • Depending on the temperature, it is recommended to dress warmly. We also lend covers.
  • The action unfolds in a 270 degree radius, meaning that there are no bad seats.
  • The doors open 30 minutes before the start of the show.
  • A restaurant and bar services are available on site.


  • The stage and services are accessible to persons with reduced mobility. Handicapped parking is also available.
  • Guide dogs are welcome at the TDC.
  • Please mention any disabilities when booking.